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Professional Indemnity Insurance (PI)
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The total insurance solution for freelancers at great prices! 

Today more than ever, insurance is essential for freelance professionals. A mistake at work, an unexpected tax investigation or illness could put your livelihood at risk and destroy years of hard work.

Why gamble when our products offer high protection at low cost?  From professional indemnity insurance to liability insurance, we can help boost your business security in today's litigious world. Cover is quick and easy to arrange, backed up by outstanding customer service and underwritten by top insurers. To get a cheap quote please Click Here or call us on (0044) 161 833 2100.

Faster - our online service provides a fast & secure way to insure your business.  It takes just a few minutes to get a quote and download your policy documentation right here on our website.

Stronger - you get the reassurance of top quality insurance, with claims settled quickly without any disruption to your business.

Cheaper - we constantly monitor our competitor prices to ensure we offer you the best value in the market. 

As a freelancer selling your skills and knowledge you'll be well aware that professional indemnity insurance is probably the most important cover to consider. It not only safeguards you against the financial threat of negligence claims, but can also drive your bottom line.

How? Because most clients now expect freelancers and contractors to be sufficiently insured before awarding contracts. By having professional indemnity insurance clients are more likely to hire you over a competitor who doesn't, making it one of the best investments you can make.

We offer tailored PI insurance to over 100 trades from just €195 per annum. From IT contractors & engineers to management consultants & social workers our indemnity insurance provides comprehensive coverage with few exclusions. Whatever your needs, you can trust our professional indemnity insurance to keep your business & future secure.

Freelance Insure has been specially developed by passionate people who really understand the unique needs of freelance professionals. Products include; professional indemnity insurance, public liability insurance, employers liability insurance and personal accident & sickness insurance. All flexible, so if your contractual conditions change or you need higher levels of cover, we can offer mid-term adjustments.

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